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We require single-page press quality PDFs to be submitted. This helps keep the data intact, with no re-flow. Following the specifications below saves production time and ensures your print project will meet your expectations. If you have any questions regarding these, please contact your customer service representative.


Document Page Size

  • Page Documents must be set up exactly to your final trim size.
  • Files should be set up as centered single pages, NOT in reader or printers spreads.
  • Crop/Trim marks or Color bars are not needed.
  • Non-bleed material should be a minimum of 3/16” away from the final trim edge. 


  • Any fonts must be embedded or outlined. If not, our software may not even process the page or may even replace fonts, causing re-flow. 

Black Type

  • Any black text must be set to Black Only. Do not use Registration color or Rich Black, or Process Black.
  • Small black text on a color background should be set to overprint instead of knockout, to ensure clarity.

Color - If printing 4/c process, files must be saved as CMYK, NOT RGB. Spot colors must be converted to CMYK. If not, they will be automatically converted to CMYK and this may change the intended color. 

  • Only use CMYK color libraries, not L*A*B* color libraries. 
  • If printing in spot colors, only those specific colors should be named in the final file. 
  • No ICC Profiles 


  • Images and artwork should be a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% for best quality.
  • All black images and artwork should be black only or greyscale. 


  • Page bleeds should be a minimum of 1/8” past the final trim size, but a 1/4” past is helpful if possible. 


  • Files under 20 mb may be emailed to prepress@johnswiftprint.com and also cc your CSR. 
  • You may send a downloadable file link (ex. Dropbox, WeTransfer) to prepress@johnswiftprint.com and also cc your CSR. 
  • Graphic designers: upload to FTP site (this requires an FTP Upload program) IP: ftp.johnswiftprint.com
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